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Zanzibar Volunteers is a newly formed NGO registered in Zanzibar with a strong team with over 10 years experience in community work., We currently operate our projects in various locations of Zanzibar town and village of Makunduchi.

We are a relatively small NGO and currently employ 5 members of staff in Zanzibar. Each of these staff have had previous experience of the English language and all are readily eager to meet and greet volunteers from any part of the world. Their goal is to make you feel as if you have found a home away from home.

All our projects are based in rural areas out of stone town and the village of Makunduchi. The majority of our projects are teaching orientated but don't let that deter you from applying as there are a variety of teaching roles available. These include leading lessons, performing the role of a teaching assistant or generally helping pupils with their work. If teaching is not your avocation then there are many other projects available. These include sports programmes, women's groups, craft sessions, musical projects and IT training. If you have any specific skills and would like to introduce them to the community then please contact us with details of your idea.