This Explains how you will be able to survive in Zanzibar

Surviving in Zanzibar

Volunteer's Hostels

You will live in volunteer hostels in Stone town or Makunduchi depending on your project along with the other volunteers present at your stay. The hostels contains Kitchen,Laundry,cleaners,security and lounge. The accomodation is basic but comfortable for westerners, we guarantee you will have a great time staying in the hostels.


This is Zanzibar also known as the Spice Island. In Stone Town itself you can find some amazing restaurants that will show you exactly why the island is named The Spice Island. If you are a vegetarian then do let us know or if you have any specific dietary needs then we can arrange something different for you.


Temperatures rarely fall lower than 25°C (74°F). The hottest period extends between November and February (30 °C - 40°C) while the coldest period occurs between May and August (20°C - 30°C). The rainy seasons are October–December and March–May. In addition Zanzibar is very breezy but very humid at times.


Dress more on the conservative side, as Zanzibar is 92% Muslim and when in their country it is essential that we respect their beliefs and traditions. Public displays of affection are considered a no-no. Covering arms to the elbow and legs is appropriate. Long pants will keep away the mosquitoes anytime. And you will definitely need warm clothing if you are visiting Arusha, Moshi, Iringa, Dodoma or going on safari.


Please consult your GP before your trip. Start malaria preventives as indicated by the particular medicine. All medicines except Malarone are available here. There are rumors in Zanzibar that Malarone anti-malarials are not very affective, so please try to purchase another brand just in case!


Euro, pounds and USD have good exchange rates. Travel cheques etc. systems are not readily available and they give bad exchange rates. Bank tellers are widely available and all cards are accepted, Master Card is only available in few places. There are international banks as City Bank, Standard Chartered and Barclays and NBC.

Mobile phone

Local SIM cards are 500tsh / £0.25 / $0.50 which work everywhere and SMS around the world is available. (American phones are locked for international use. If you bring your own Mobile/Cell phone with you, if necessary you can get them unlocked here for a small price, or you can buy a new phone here. Cost is around 25 – 30 USD)


Electric Pin Points are the same as the UK (3 pin) and the power voltage is the same as in Europe - 230V. Adapters are widely available here and relatively cheap.