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Offered Excursions

Prison Island and Sand bank

Description : Embark for a 30minutes boat journey and discover an island full of mysteries. First used by an Arab to keep slaves brought from the African continent, Changuu Island, also known as Prison Island, was then meant to host violent criminals. A prison was built there in 1893 by the British First Minister at that time, Lloyd Matthews. But after the construction was complete, the island was left with no prisoners and used as a quarantine place for boats infected with diseases. In the late 1910s, the government of Seychelles gave giant tortoises as a gift, and those were kept on Changuu Island since then. Their number has dropped for a few years, due to a lot of stealing, but Zanzibar’s government, with the help of World Animal Protection, managed to protect them better and their number has grown. Simply enjoy discovering this place full of history, feed the giant and impressive tortoises, or jump into the water to discover the amazing seabed surrounding the island. Whatever you choose, you won’t forget about your day.

Stone Town Tour

Description : Have you ever wondered how would living in a labyrinth be like? Stone Town, known as a UNESCO World Heritage, has developed under Arab, Indian and European influences. The old part of the city was named from the materials used for the large majority of the buildings: local coralline rag stone and mangrove timber. Hundreds of small streets will make you discover architectural, traditional and human beauty. Follow your guide and let him tell you all about the House of Wonders, the old fort, but also the amazing food market and Freddy Mercury’s childhood home. Surprises will await you at every corner of this cityfull of color, spices and life. Get a chance to go on a rooftop and admire the city from a different angle, Mosques and Churches living next to each other, breathtaking sunsets and endless ocean. Smell the spices, hear the Muezzin’s call and feel the friendly and unique atmosphere of this old, and yet forward-looking, city.

Spice Tour

Description : After tasting the great meals of Zanzibar, you will want to discover all the spices’ secrets. Go for a spice tour and see how the island’s soils gives Zanzibar the best fruits and spices. While walking through the forest and the fields, you will be able to taste and smell Zanzibar’s treasures and learn more on how they grow and are cooked. You will also have the chance to discover about medical uses of some plants and trees, and feel the magical atmosphere of the wild and green part of the island. Follow the paths while hearing about Zanzibar’s agriculture and beauty. Zanzibar’s cooking is not only about enjoying, but also about discovering."